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For Your Entertainment - Women death contraption

January 6, 2010

In my house, parents have gone out to dinner.

Try #-1

lingerie death contraption

My fault.

Summary-Two best friends keep trying and trying but every time something gets in the way. Will they ever do it? Limited chapters of funny and at times pathetic attempts to get laid.

"Sakura, what's taking so long.?"

Came a languid deep voice behind the bathroom door.

I opened my mouth to answer but no words came out, there was only a growl of frustration as I tried to pry the red and black silky sex contraption from my tender pink flesh which swelled and melted into my hot flesh like honey.

It was clear that I was growing more and more incompetent of the task as the minutes droned on. I felt like a fool for thinking I could go through with this...this MISTAKE. Was I really that high when I promised a boy, and not just any boy, my best friend whom I have a maniac crush on-he doesn't know- that I would be his first. I didn't know the first thing about sexy...I learned how to bat my eyes at the age of 18.

Sasuke had all the sexy on his side, he didn't even have to try.

I could NOT, and I repeat, NOT...do this...

"Sakura do you need help...I can help putting it on and taking it off, at least we would have had done something by then."

"NO WAY...I'm fine" I cleared my panicky high vocals, and stared at myself in a mirror that was probably horrified at the peep show I was offering...

My cheeks burned profusely and I found myself getting nervous and bombarded with images of the deed I was doing...

Where the hell were my boob's supposed to go in this thing?

I questioned the creators motives of this skimpy get up.

Did he want to tease the man, give him an eternal hard-on or simply kill him.

I may as well march right in there naked with a few shoe strings wrapped around my body.

"Nice choice! where did you find this one in the aisle labeled 'not finished' or the one called 20% naked..."

"hn, I forget. Ino said you'd like it so I just went with what she chose...do you like it?"

I pushed my boob into something that seemed to fit there but looked oddly displaced.

"Ya...I just wished they had Instructions..." I grumbled in complete shame.

When I see Ino-pig she would never see the light of day in this life time or the next.

I snatched my phone out of my purse and decided to tell her exactly what I'd do when I saw her at school tomorrow.

she replied-

'we will cross that bridge AFTER you deflower Sasuke...or he deflowers you...I forget which one of you is the virgin'

"What?" asks Sasuke to my earlier grumble.

"Nothing..I think I'm ready..."

"Hm...I've been ready for the past 7 hours."

"HA-HA" I say dead pan just before opening the bathroom door like a timid mouse checking for cats.

"Sasuke-kun...does this look alright?" I ask him.

Sasuke smiles slightly and messes up his already messy hair a bit more by scratching the back of his head.

"Uh...hn...It looks right to me, its a shame that you wont ever see it again though. Oh well."

I laughed nervously trying to understand what he meant by that and watching him get really close, closer than any man has ever been to me half naked in a lingerie death contraption.

"Where should I start." He asked himself pensively running his knuckles along the side of my neck and looking at me profoundly.

I sucked in a shaky breath and then...I passed out...

A/N-I'll try to post here but its a lot easier in my journal...check it out! ^_^ Hope you like and review, stay tuned, I know I'm not the best writer but I'll try.

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