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Sakura hears a rumor about Sai. Is it true? If so, what does she do about it? As always, love to hear comments/reviews!
Sakura couldn't believe her ears. She was sure it was some kind of mistake. She knew he was stunted socially, that had never been a question. But she'd heard plenty of rumors about what went on in Root, what after hourstook place.
But there she sat, listening to Ino go on about how she'd overheard Sai talking to Naruto. That was the unbelievable part. Naruto? No way would he tell himthat.
"Wait, wait. You've got to be mistaken. There has to be something else he said, or he was talking about something else entirely." Sakura put a hand on Ino's. She'd been gesturing wildly in the middle of the excitement.
Ino glanced over. "Nope." She grinned evilly. "Oh, how I'd love to be the one to introduce him to it, too."
Sakura rolled her eyes. Ino only thought that because he'd once said she was beautiful. He hadn't meant it - quite the opposite, but he had no idea how to speak to other people. He kept to himself when he was still assigned to Root, apparently. And now, well, now he was just trying to figure out what to call people - and how to make friends.
Sighing, Sakura spoke up again. "Forget it, Pig. No way. You'd eat him alive and spit him back out again." Not that she thought she was the one to introduce Sai to sex. No, but she couldn't see him getting chewed up by her best friend, either.
Ino raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to?"
Sakura tried to hold on to her patience. "No, but that doesn't leave it up to you, either."
But Ino just snickered. "I bet you are!" She said in a singsong voice.
Sakura spent the next ten seconds counting carefully. She'd replaced way too many tables and even a full bar, in this place. All thanks to Ino's irritations. "I. Am. Not. Come on, doesn't he deserve something better than being a trophy? A challenge?"
At this, Ino had the grace to blush. "Well, jeez. Since you put it that wayshe trailed off and shrugged one shoulder.
Sakura sighed again and got up. "Speak of the devil." She pointed at the door where the subject of their discussion was standing awkwardly, looking around the room.
Ino looked up and smiled. "You know, maybe I'll just get to know him bettershe started, but Sakura put a hand out and blocked her.
Glancing over her shoulder, she said, "just drop it," and turned back to watch Sai.
He seemed to find what he was looking for and started across the room. It wasn't until he was standing in front of her that Sakura realized it was her that he was looking for. "Hello, Sakura," he said quietly.
She smiled up at him. Taller than her, Sai was still painfully shy and awkward around most people. She seemed to be the only one that he wasn't shy around. Even Naruto, which is why she still had a hard time believing he would confide in the blonde. "Hello yourself. What are you doing here? I thought you didn't come down here?"
"Looking for you." He looked over her shoulder at Ino. "Could we talk somewhere moreHe swallowed a couple of times and Sakura found herself staring at his bobbing Adam's apple.
She shook her head to clear it. "Of course. Let's go." She threw a look over her shoulder at Ino. "Don't say a word." She said, and pulled her gloves out of her pocket.
Ino rolled her eyes. "Cross my heart." She looked so disappointed, Sakura had to laugh.
"Bye, Pig!"
"Bye Forehead." Ino waved and walked over to the bar to harass a few of the genin that were right behind them in training. Sakura shook her head and headed out the door.
They walked in silence for a short way, not really paying attention to the direction they were heading. "SoSakura started, "is there something you need?" She looked up at him through her lashes. He cleared his throat and looked away. She knew he was running something through that head of his, but she wasn't sure what. "You're overthinking, Sai. We've talked about this. Just tell me what's wrong."
He blew out a breath and nervously scratched the back of his head. "There a rumor going around about me." He began, "and unfortunately, it's true. Ihe swallowed, "I don't know how to stop it and, well, these girls keep coming up to me and saying the weirdest things."
Sakura stopped walking and stared at him. "How many?" She asked before she could stop herself.
He raised an eyebrow. "I don't know. I just tell them to go away."
"Why?" She wanted to know. She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head while she waited for his answer.
"Well, um." There goes the Adam's apple again, bobbing. "Wellnot interested in them." His face brightened as inspiration struck.
"Okay. Why aren't you? There are a number of very pretty girls in the village. Never mind. So, this rumor, is it what I think it is? What you told Naruto?" She was going to kill Ino. How many people had she told?
He nodded, but didn't say anything.
Sakura sighed. "Well, damn. I think I know where it started. I'm sorry for it. I can try to help quash the rumorsshe added, but knew there was more by the blush on his cheeks. "Is there something else you want me to do?"
He stared at her for a moment, saying nothing. He turned and continued walking slowly. Not knowing what else to do, Sakura fell into step beside him. "Yes."
She was getting exasperated. She understood this kind of thing was hard for him. She knew him, maybe better than he did himself. But sometimes getting him to actually say something was damn near a nightmare. "Sai
He sighed. "I would like you to help me make the rumors invalid." He stared straight again, not looking at her.
She wasn't stupid. Sakura didn't get to be the Hokage's apprentice by being stupid. The words she'd said to Ino just a short time ago came echoing back to her. Aw, hell, was all she could think. "Why me?" It wasn't what she should have said. "Never mind, you don't need to do this, Sai. Just because there are rumors going around
He shook his head and looked at her again. "Sakura, while I may not know my exact age, I am older than you. At least, I think so. I believe I am correct in saying that you are not a virgin?"
She closed her eyes and sent a bid for patience up to whatever higher power was up there. Taking a deep breath, she opened them. "No, I'm not. And that's not usually something you ask a girl. I guess I'm I don't count, though, since we're friends. Anyway, what does that have to do with it? Just because I'm notshe shook her head again.
"But I am past the age where I should have some experience. And, well, I would like to know." He shrugged his shoulders as if it were another book he would read.
She narrowed her eyes. "Did you get a book about this?"
"As a matter of fact, I have this onehe started and pulled a book out of his pouch. Sex for the Socially Repressed - 10 Steps to Loosening Up. He held it out to her so she could see the title.
She didn't groan. She wanted to, but she didn't. She took the book from his hand and flipped it open. Three pages into it, she handed it back to him. "Throw it away. That stuff is useless."
Turning to him, she stopped once more and considered him. "Fine. You want to try it. Why me?" This point, she was going to push. He needed a good reason. He couldn't experience the same emotion that everyone else could - not yet. And she wasn't sure she wanted to do that with someone not capable of it.
Not, at least, without some kind of ground rules. She watched the emotions flit across his face and the thought came to her that he may have developed a lot more than she thought. She hadn't been paying that much attention. Tsunade had kept her crazy-busy lately. This was one of the first nights she'd had off in a long time.
"I like you." It was so quiet she was sure she couldn't have heard him right.
"What? Noyou just don't know that many other peopleshe started, but he was shaking his head.
"You have never made fun of me for not knowing what to do. You have never tried to push me to be something I am not." He shrugged. "You have always accepted me as I am and tried to help."
She couldn't argue with his logic. "Well." She noticed that they were next to one of the training fields. She moved over and sat on a rock at the edge. "Well." She let the arguments play in her mind. He was right in that. And maybe it wasn't such a bad thing for him to get some experience. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.
Ninja. They were talented, caring individuals. And they gave up so much for their jobs. Life was very uncertain for them. Who knew if he'd be killed in action? Never come back? None of them did. He was good - damned good, he was Root - formerly of Root, anyhow. She didn't think he'd ever go back to them for real.
She sighed. "Okay." That was all.
He saw her lips move. He heard the word come out of her mouth, but he couldn't seem to make them go together. She said yes? He shook his head. "Really?"
She smiled. "Yes. But we're going to have to go to your rooms. I don't think my parents would appreciate me bringing my team mate and friend home to introduce him to sex."
He blushed again, but offered her his hand. "I have read some things," he smiled when she stared at his hand. "Not from that book, " he said, at the look on her face. "But from others." She took his hand and stood up.
She thought he'd let go of it, but instead simply turned and began walking. She had no choice but to keep up. They didn't say much, just walked quietly, even companionably. She gave it a minute, but the awkwardness she thought she'd feel wasn't there, either.
At his apartment building, he opened the door for her and they headed up the steps. He unlocked his door and let her in. Lighting a few lamps, she looked around. She'd been here before, before missions. She'd seen his artwork on the walls, the easel that was permanently out, the paints clean and lined up, the brushes laid out next to them. And there, in the corner, was his bed.
It wasn't large, but it didn't need to be. She rolled her eyes at herself. Why in the hell was she nervous? She'd done this before. Okay, it was with Naruto and it'd only happened that one time, but still. She did her best to take a firm grip on her nerves and turned to him.
He'd kicked his shoes off by the door and she realized she was still standing right by it. She smacked herself mentally again and took hers off, as well, then walked over to him. "Whatshe closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Dammit. "What have you done?"
"Nothing." He said quietly.
"You've never even kissed?" She looked incredulous. She would have figured one of the girls chasing after him in the village would have pinned him down at least for that.
When he shook his head, she answered with a shake of her own. "Now that is a pity." And she stepped up to him. Slowly, softly, she placed hers over his, having to stand up on her toes to do it. No other contact, nothing else touching, just lips to lips.
He didn't open his mouth, just kissed her, almost the way she kissed her parents. With her lips turning up in the corner, she finally reached up and put her hands on his shoulders. "Follow my lead, Sai." And she slanted her lips across his again. This time, she put some pressure behind it, then opened her lips a bit and traced the seam of his with her tongue.
When he just continued to move his lips slightly, still closed she paused. "Open them, Sai. Open for me." And once more, she began the kiss.
This time he did. He opened his mouth when she traced another line over his bottom lip and their tongues met. She jolted in surprise a bit when the kiss went through her. She felt his hands come up and rest on her waist, pulling her in to him. They broke apart and stared.
"I think you got that part pretty well." She sounded breathless. She shouldn't be, dammit, this was Sai.
She could feel the hard lean planes of his body through their clothes. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her even closer. "You're a good teacher." He said quietly.
She wondered if he had any idea how sexy he was. How she was getting turned on by just being up against him, how good those lips felt. Get a grip on yourself! She blinked once, and tried to pull herself back.
But before she could, he'd leaned down and captured her lips this time. They moved over hers and she opened to him this time. Her arms went around him and her fingers speared through his short hair. The kiss started gently, just nibbles, tongues just touching. Then, he slid his tongue along hers in an erotic simulation of the real thing.
Sakura forgot how to breathe. She forgot where she was, forgot everything but Sai. Now, their tongues warred for dominance, and passion she had no idea he could feel exploded between them. He nibbled on her bottom lip and following instinct, trailed kisses down her chin, along her jaw line and down her neck. Sakura's head fell back, shocked to the core at the things Sai was doing to her with his lips.
She managed to pull herself together through sheer force of will. "Saiher voice was breathless and she had to try again. "Sai."
He pulled away and his serious eyes turned worried. "Did I do something wrong?" He raised a hand and brushed the back of it along her cheek.
Her eyes wanted to close, to feel the caress, but he'd need the eye contact, he'd need the assurance. "No, not at all." She took a breath, blew it out. "Are you sure you want to do this? You seem to know what you're doing." She was being a coward, and she knew it. She had no idea he could do this to her. No idea that she'd feel these things.
He looked away briefly and she could have kicked herself. "I have read a lot. But there is a difference between reading and doing." He turned back. "I want you, Sakura."
She absorbed that and realized that she wanted it, too. Maybe too much. Her body was alive, and she hadn't begun to feel these things with Naruto. What had she gotten herself into?
She nodded, then and keeping eye contact, she reached up and pulled slowly on the zipper of her top. As soon as he realized what she was doing, however, he put his hand over hers and began tugging himself. Her hand fell away and she felt herself going moist all over again at the look in his eye.
It took forever for the zipper to move. She thought somehow that time had slowed down, and briefly wondered if he was seducing her. Then it was down and her top hung open and her breasts, wrapped up in lace, were open for his view.
His eyes skimmed down her face, slowly absorbing the creamy white skin, the contrast of the red shirt against it, then the lace as it covered her, just barely. He reached up and, expecting him to cup her breasts, was surprised when he pulled her shirt apart instead.
Sakura found herself wishing he would touch her. She closed her eyes as she felt the whisper of the fabric as it slipped off of her shoulders. She felt the breeze across her calves as it fell to the floor. Sai skimmed the back of his hand along her collar bone, down over her chest, then, finally, he cupped one breast in his hands.
Sakura moaned, she couldn't help it. It felt so damned good. He drew his hand back and she opened her eyes and shook her head. "It feels good, pleaseAnd his hand was back, cupping her, testing the weight of her breast in his hand. His fingertip skimmed over her nipple and she inhaled sharply. "Yes!"
He began pinching it, just enough pressure and she felt herself get even wetter. She thought she'd go mad if this continued much longer. He pulled her into him again, their bodies touching, and his lips came down to hers again.
She could feel his arousal through their clothes and she wanted, more than anything in that moment, to feel him. It was her turn to do something, and she pulled on his shirt. He helped her remove it quickly and she wasted no time. She wanted to taste him, feel his skin against her lips.
So she ran those lips along his collar, down over his chest, nibbling a little here, tracing a scar there. Her hands ran over him and in that moment, she felt her bra unclasp. She looked up into his eyes, and moved just enough for it to come off.
He leaned back to take in the beauty of her - just her. He took her breast in his hand again, rubbed the rough pad of his thumb over her nipple and watched as it hardened into a tight nub. He met her eyes a brief second and, when she nodded, he bent and took it into his mouth.
Sakura almost screamed. Nothing in her world seemed nearly as erotic as this. The feel of his naked back under her palms, the warm wetness of his mouth on her breast. Her brief experience with Naruto did nothing to prepare her for the kind of assault her senses were undergoing now. She tried to take air into her lungs, but she still couldn't remember how to breathe.
He moved to the other breast, lavishing the same attention on it that he'd given to its twin. "Saishe moaned his name and almost came, then and there, over what he was doing to her. He paused, then, hooked his fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, kneeling before her and following the path of the waistband with his lips.
He paused at the juncture of her thighs. He could see through her underwear how wet she was and he felt a small bit of pride that he'd done that for her. He still couldn't believe he was here. She didn't know he'd dreamed of her, woke up most nights aroused beyond reason because of the images of her that played inside his head.
That's what had driven him to talk to Naruto. He wanted her, wanted so badly to be with her. He knew what sex was, read plenty and had enough solo experience to have an idea of what it would feel like. But none of that compared to being with her as he was now.
Her hands rested on his head as he considered her. Slowly, painfully slowly, he pulled at the tops of her lace panties. She fisted her hands in his hair, and as if of their own accord, her hips started moving. She strained toward him, but he wanted to savor every little bit of this with her.
He kissed her, just above the thatch of curls, then on top. When she'd stepped out of her shorts and panties, he reached up with his finger and traced a small line over the top of her lips. His finger slipped in and touched a spot that had her moaning. Her clit, he knew the name of it, had heard what it would do, and now, he pressed, just a little and she moaned his name again.
Taking the sign, he rubbed at it and a few seconds later, she screamed and he felt her juices run over his hand. She shuddered, convulsed and he wrapped an arm around her to hold her up. She buried her face in his neck and he could feel her struggling to catch her breath. He was fighting his own ragged breath in that moment. Knowing that he'd given that to her was a powerful feeling. He wanted to give her more, much more. He didn't understand it, couldn't have named it, but knew that's what he wanted more than anything.
She looked up at him and smiled. "You certainly seem to have an instinct for this." Then her lips captured his again and they let the kiss carry them away. Tongues clashed once again, they devoured each other as if the taste was pure ambrosia.
They broke apart and Sakura turned, pulling Sai with her, and headed to the bed in the corner. She turned on him again as they reached it, and began unfastening his belt. A moment later, he was bare to her and she sucked in a breath at the sight of him.
"Wow." Was all she said, then blushed. She hadn't meant to say it out loud. He ran his fingers along her cheek, then kissed her and she forgot all about her embarrassment. They tumbled onto the bed, the kiss never breaking. He cupped a breast again, then proceeded to kiss is way down her body. Her stomach trembled then, her thighs went slack, then he was tasting her.
He parted her lips and dipped his tongue in, just barely. She grabbed at the sheets and moaned. Her clit was already swollen, erect and the tiniest touch almost sent her over the edge again. When he wrapped his lips around it and gave an experimental suck, she did.
He watched her emerald eyes go opaque. Watched her muscles tense, then relax as her climax took her. Then he leaned in and lapped up the juices as they ran down her. She tasted incredible.
As he bent to take more, she sat up. "You're turn. Or, perhaps, it's mine. Let me taste you." The words were soft, but a seduction of their own. They turned, and she bent over him. She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. Then, slowly, inch by torturous inch, she kissed her way down his body. When she got to her goal, she paused. He was big, bigger than Naruto, the only one she could compare him to, and had a moment to wonder if he'd fit.
She wouldn't back out now, though. She'd made the promise and she'd see it through. She wrapped one hand around him and slowly, painfully slowly, stroked him once, up and then down. He sucked in a breath and grabbed the sheets. "Sakurahis voice was strained, and he seemed to be fighting hard to hold on.
She smiled secretly, then stuck her tongue out and, with the faintest of touches, tasted him. In this, she was as new as Sai. She'd never tasted Naruto, had no idea what to do really, so she followed her instincts. When he moaned, she did it again, this time with a little more contact. Slowly, up and down, she tasted the length of his cock, tracing the small ridge on the underside.
He moved, trying to reach for more, and she took him into her mouth. Just the tip, and, when she realized it wasn't awful, like she'd heard, she took more. Slowly, she swallowed him, inch by inch until she'd taken all of him. "Sakurahis voice was strained. "I can't
She looked up at his face and saw he was on the edge. She pumped him with her hand, following it with her mouth. Once, twice, three times, and he erupted in her mouth. Greedily, she sucked it up. He tasted good, much to her surprise, and she swallowed it all.
He lay there, panting, trying desperately to catch his breath. Nothing had felt like that before in his life. He had no idea how to handle it. Sakura crawled up the bed to lay next to him. He turned to her and kissed her. He tasted himself and it only made him want her more. He thought he was done, everything he'd read said guys were only good for one time without a lot of time to recover.
He didn't seem to. It puzzled him, but he shoved it to the back of his mind. He turned, instead, feeling himself get hard all over again and grasped Sakura's hand. Fingers entwined, their kiss grew heated. They rolled and there he was, her legs wrapped around him and he was poised, just outside of her sex.
"Sakura, one last timeare you sure?" He would not force it, he did not want her to regret it. When she nodded, he entered her slowly.
She closed her eyes, her head thrown back. "My God, Sai, you feel incredible."
He smiled slightly, knowing what she meant. He'd never done this before, never knew what it felt to be inside someone else, but it felt perfect, like he belonged here. "So do you." His words were quiet. He wanted to say so much more, but had no idea what words to use.
When he was all the way home, he simply lay there a minute, buried inside of her. She opened her eyes and emerald met ebony. Nothing was said, neither moved, but something happened, right there, right that second. Sakura reached up and brushed her fingertips along his cheek, then cupped it with her hand. He kissed her palm, then her lips and started moving.
He started out with slow, long, strokes, not quite sure what to do, following instinct. She moved with him, and their rhythm was almost perfect. They grasped hands, held on and he moved faster. She lifted her hips a little higher, the angle changed and he hit a spot insider her that she didn't even know she had.
The first orgasm hit her like a freight train, pure surprise. He didn't stop, didn't slow, just kept pumping into her with the same long strokes. She met him, thrust for thrust, and ran her nails down his back. His name was a sigh on her lips as she came back from it.
She leaned up and nibbled on him, his lips, his chin. He pulled her up, and she straddled him, riding him. She was slow, still, stretching it out, feeling every inch, every bit of him, but then it changed, the hue and feel of it, and she moved faster now, pushing him. She wanted to feel him as he came, wanted to hear her name on his lips.
She rode him hard, but he wasn't done with her. He wanted more from her. Showing physical strength she didn't know he had, he lifted her off of him. Then, turning her, he entered her from behind.
The new position touched her spot immediately. Grasping her hips he pumped into her again. He'd felt the shudder when he hit her in just the right place. He was a fast learner, and he'd decided he wanted to learn all of her, every little spot, every place that was Sakura.
And so she started moving with him. It took all the years of control he'd learned to fight the feeling coming over him. He wanted more of her, more with her. When he felt her inner muscles clamp around him again, he gloried in it.
Then they turned once more and he was between her legs, face to face. She wrapped them around him, pulled him closer. They kissed, hands clasped, bodies moving. "Give over." She whispered. "Go with me." And when he felt her clench him one more time, he let go and emptied himself into her.
He rested his head on her shoulder, drained both figuratively and literally. She hugged him to her, lost in the sensations, lost in the momentous event that had just swept them both away. When she could think straight again, she kissed the shoulder that was in front of her, caressing him.
He leaned up and looked at her. They were still joined and neither was in a hurry to change that fact. Soft kisses, sweet caresses. Finally, they rolled and he gathered her close, pulling a blanket up over them.
Now what? She thought. It couldn't go back to the way things were. That wasn't going to be possible, not now. She knew, without putting a name to it, what she felt. She wasn't sure she was ready to put a name to it.
When? She asked herself, but there was no answer. She nuzzled his neck, kissed his chest.
He ran his hands down her arms and pulled her tighter into him. "Sakura?" He whispered.
"Hmm?" It felt good, here, in his arms.
"Will you stay? Tonight?"
She smiled against his chest. "I don't think you could make me leave."
He chuckled and the low rumble could be felt through her, as well. He wondered how long she would stay, or, at least, would she come back? He hoped so.
He, Sai of Root, was afraid. For the first time he could remember. It must be fear, the trembling in the bottom of his stomach that he got when he thought of this being all of it. It couldn't be.
"Sakura?" He said again.
She pulled back and looked into his serious dark eyes. "What is it?"
"How do you knowlove is?"
She considered him a moment, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. And hour ago, a day ago, she would have answered him differently. "Love is many things, Sai. It's the fondness you feel for a good friend - like you and Naruto. It's how I feel about my parents, that they've always been there, would always be there. They love me unconditionally. There's the respectful love we feel for Kakashi - our teacher, mentor and leader." She paused, and her eyes picked a spot on his chin and stared hard. "Love is also what happened here. It's wanting to be with someone all the time, not wanting to ever be without them. It's missing them insanely when they're not there. It's wanting to give to them, do for them. It's wanting to just be."
She felt his nod, could almost hear the gears turning in his head. "I understand." He said quietly. "Then it is obvious. I love you, Sakura."
She looked up into his eyes. They were serious and, she realized, that there was honest understanding in them. She touched his cheek, ran her fingers over his lips. "I love you, too. Sai." She leaned up and their lips met. Soft, sweet, almost painfully so. She felt the clench in her heart ease and she smiled. "I love you." She repeated.
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